We invite you to share your success story with us! Send us an email with your story and photos to support@chewthefatoff.com.

Success Stories

"My name is Lee and I was one of the lucky people in the initial test group for the Chew The Fat Off. I have to tell you, the results I have achieved have been absolutely incredible! I cannot believe the difference in the way I look and feel - and in my health. In just 8 short weeks I have lost 37 pounds, 20% body fat, and 6.5 inches off my waist.

The most spectacular change has been in my health; my blood pressure is now normal without the use of medication. My cholesterol has also completely normalized. But the most amazing blessing has been that although I have had to take insulin for 23 years to control my blood sugar levels, I have now been able to decrease my insulin units by 90%. My doctors are dumbfounded and tell me, ‘Whatever you are doing, keep it up.’

I HIGHLY recommend CTFO to ANYONE that wants to lose weight and especially those with health problems that are robbing years from their life and life from their years."

- Lee F.

“When I was asked to be in the original test group to try the CTFO weight management program, I felt bad for them. I was thinking I would not be a very good participant. My previous attempts to lose weight always resulted in regaining the original weight I lost and then more. Since I had been struggling with my weight for over 20 years, I wondered, “How could this be different?” To my surprise it is!

The biggest difference is that after the first week on this plan, I knew I was going to make it. I really like the taste of the shakes and the tablets and I don’t feel hungry. Unlike all the other programs I have tried, I feel healthier and have more energy. I especially enjoy that the unique system for drinking pure water actually has me drinking more water. I also like that the program gives me a day off once a week to look forward to.

So far, after only 8 short weeks, I have lost 15 pounds, and my old clothes are loose on me. I have more to lose, but now believe the rest is also coming off. Finally, my prayers for a healthy weight management solution have been answered.”

- Delores F.

“I was the person who could eat virtually anything and never gain weight. In my early forties all that changed. I became the skinny guy with a gut. I never seemed to possess the enormous amount of discipline required to eat right and exercise consistently. I was always fighting the battle of the belly.

Since being on the CTFO program, I have lost 13 pounds in 8 weeks and I feel great. I believe I can now maintain my optimal weight for life because the products taste great and I get a cheat day. In fact, now that I am at my desired weight, I can have several cheat days per week. Because the shakes taste so great it feels like I’m cheating even when I’m not.

Since I am already down to my ideal weight, I’m now only purchasing the Stay Fit Package monthly, which is just one shake and two tablets per day. The funny thing is, I was actually saving more money when I was overweight because I was replacing two meals per day with shakes which cost less. Also, now that I am in the habit, I will never go down to less than three Drink0ff bottles of water per day because water is so important for overall health.”

- Steve F.

More Success Stories

"My Name is Carmina. I am the happy mom of a 10 year old boy and my war on fat started the minute after I gave birth. I went on a diet soon after and I haven't stopped dieting since. 5 years ago, at 180 lbs I was my heaviest; at 5ft 4in, it wasn't a pretty sight.For a while I gave up but then I finally got sick and tired of carrying that extra weight around and I decided to do something about it. Prior to getting started with Chew The Fat Off I tried all sorts of diets, went to meetings, measured and counted every calorie, I even tried to suppress my appetite and craving for sweets with supplements and pills. Unfortunately, I got into some very bad habits such as skipping meals and it became very hard for my body to release any weight. My problem was always the same: The diets or programs were too hard, too complicated or too expensive to sustain for a long time, and even when I did get some results, I could never stick to any of them long enough to really achieve my dream weight and size. So the weight always came back, and back I was; on the lookout for the next miracle product. After fighting this war on fat on and off for 10 years I finally discovered THE solution and I haven't looked back since. The Chew The Fat Off Get Fit program has allowed me to consistently shed over 1 lb a week for the past 12 weeks. Every week, when I get on that scale I have a big smile on my face. I have now lost 13.3 lbs! I can't give you all the scientific reasons why the Chew The Fat Off products work. All I know is that this is the simplest and most fun I've ever had losing weight. I love the taste and always look forward to it. I have so much extra energy now that I even started a virtual walking club. Our club has over 270 members all over the United States; all walking their way fit! I'm looking forward to reaching my dream weight by the end of the year! Thanks CTFO!"

- Carmina M.

"My name is Michelle and I wanted to say a quick THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for having had the opportunity to try CTFO! I wanted to share with you a bit about my experience. I was fortunate to be part of a trial group that used CTFO chewables for 21 days. They told me “Do not change your diet or your exercise plan and see what happens.” I was thrilled to shed 7 lbs and most importantly SIX total inches during the trial. Although you don't change the eating habits, CTFO changes you :) I found myself not hungry or craving foods and not snacking on candy or chips, BONUS! Needless to say I was anxiously awaiting the products release for sale, although a bit apprehensive as a drink was now being added. Drinking diet products is NOT my favorite; I am one who avoids any medicine that you drink, but was willing based on the results from the trial. You see I have tried every diet product and program that is available over the last 30 years, Atkins, Scarsdale, Nutri System, Slim Fast, Weight Watchers, even Phen Phen, the list is endless. I figured this would be a winner since I had only gained back 3 of the 7 lbs I lost from the trial. When the program became available I got on it right away. You see I am a 51 year old woman and I was getting married in July! I had a beautiful gown but loads of "back fat" that I was terrified would be the focus of my wedding ensemble. So I took my weight and measurements and braced myself for the drinking. I was pleasantly surprised, I drank it quickly and started the plan. In the first week I lost 9 lbs! and 6 more inches! WHAT THE HECK WAS HAPPENING???? The product is aptly named for it truly chews the fat off. Two months into the program I went for a dress fitting, the seamstress said, WHAT are you doing? This dress just zips right up! I said I am eating and drinking this great product and it really works! I found myself looking forward to the drink! Low and behold I used this product for 11 weeks leading up to my wedding, and lost an incredible 27 lbs and 24 inches! THREE INCHES OF BACK FAT ALONE! I wore my wedding gown beautifully, thanks to CTFO and I could not be more excited to say that even on my honeymoon and the few weeks following, when I took a break from the program, miraculously I gained only 4 lbs back! It truly has changed the way I look at dieting! CTFO is remarkable and it is easy; before you know it you are in a routine that you want to keep using because the results are spectacular. THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart, I could not be more pleased with my CTFO results!"

- Michelle S.

"On the day CTFO Clicks launched, I purchased 550 Clicks for myself; I was also able to sell 550 Clicks to another team member as well. Within a few minutes I had received $100 in commissions! And since that day, I have almost 100 new sign ups from those very same Clicks. That’s in just under one week! Talk about a blessing to me, my family and all my team members. In all my years of network marketing, never have I seen anything work as successfully as this. CTFO Clicks are absolutely Amazing!"

- Skip B.

"My name is Amy, I'm a work at home mom of a 2 year old toddler and I have struggled to lose weight since I had my son in 2013. I started using Chew The Fat Off 18 weeks ago and to be honest, I am shocked by how incredible I feel. I have tried different diets that worked at first but I would end up gaining the weight back plus some more. I thought there was no way I was ever going to lose weight plus I'm on an oral birth control which has made it a lot harder for me to lose weight. Now I will admit I'm terrible about sticking to a diet that has a lot of hassle with it. However with CTFO, I have lost more weight in the first month than I have with any other product and the weight has stayed off! Plus it is so easy to follow and fits into my crazy schedule with no problem. I use to drink 2-3 Dr. Peppers a day and in my 2nd week of using CTFO I realized I haven't had a single one and I am proud to say I haven't had a Dr. Pepper in 18 weeks. My energy level is the highest it has ever been, which is great for keeping up with everything I have to do and with my little boy, who is constantly on the go. I have lost 26 lbs and 6 inches off my waist, I feel great and can't wait to continue seeing the weight and inches coming off with CTFO!"

- Amy S.

"Since I've been taking Super7 my sleep has been more solid throughout the night and I feel so much more rested in the morning. I have better alertness and energy through the day too. It's so easy to take since it tastes so good! The CTFO Clicks are great also! I'm on my second order of Clicks and look forward to seeing more people added to my team each week. It takes the pressure off cold calling for new people just getting involved, and gets them qualified easily."

- Bill D.

"My name is Troy and I want you to know that Chew the Fat Off is amazing! I've lost 25 pounds since I started the program a few weeks ago, and I expect to continue losing as I continue the program. Weight loss has never been easy for me but the Chew the Fat Off plan is the easiest I've come across. I've struggled with my eating habits for years, always trying to eat better, eat less and eat healthy but all I found was that I ate more. This is the first plan that I've been on where I've proven to myself that it works. That sense of confidence is worth more than all the advertising promises in the world. I believe Chew the Fat Off offers all the nutritional requirements that I need and yet fills me up to where I'm not hungry between meals. The plan is simple, the application is simple and the results are outstanding. I love it."

- Troy S.

"My name is Meagan and I just wanted to let you know how awesome the CTFO Free Business position really is. From the very beginning, I was interested in sharing CTFO with friends and family, but I just couldn't afford to buy the products myself. When the Free Business position was introduced, I signed up immediately and started sharing the opportunity. Because a lot of people in my life have a desire to lose weight, I ended my first week as an Associate earning $252! Now I’m able to afford my bottle of Super7 each month and my team of people is growing like crazy. There is no downside to CTFO, between the Free Business position and the 60-day money back guarantee, there's no reason not to get started. I strongly suggest to everyone that they share this opportunity with others and see what happens - this really has been a game-changer for me."

- Meagan H.

"My name is Michael. My journey with CTFO began with the sight of myself in someone's photo. At that moment I decided to get busy and loose weight. The following day at church I saw Steve and Dolores and complimented them on their weight loss. They introduced me to the CTFO website which I studied that afternoon. I was convinced and purchased my starter pack the very next day. After four weeks of following the program exactly, I lost 12 pounds and two inches off of my chest, waist and hips, and four inches off of my stomach! Also part of my health improvement program is 30 minutes of circuit training three days per week and walking my Great Dane at least two miles, five days per week. I am six weeks into my journey and I'm very satisfied with my progress to date. I'm loosing weight, loosing inches and building muscle. Once I reach my goal of loosing 33 pounds, I'll give another testimony complete with photos."

- Michael S.

"My name is Victor. I started the CTFO program on Aug. 4, 2015. In 8 weeks now and I lost 20 lbs. I lost 2-1/2" off my butt and lost 2-1/2" off my belly. I would have lost more weight but I put on a lot of muscle, which weighs more than fat. My wife lost 14lbs in the same time period that I did. She lost a lot of inches, but she will not tell me how many. I do know she tried on a smaller size pants and she got into them. I want to thank Stuart the founder of this program. Over the years, my wife and I were on several programs to lose weight and nothing compared to CTFO. It's very easy to follow, totally delicious and there are no artificial sweeteners. Best of all I get one day off to eat what I want (within reason.) Oh, I want to thanks Steve & Delores for turning us on to this program also."

- Vic B.

"My name is Wes. I just wanted to pass this onto you as a short testimonial about my experience with CTFO. I've injured my knee. I've got something called a torn meniscus on the medial side of my left knee. Boy oh boy, does it hurt too. Anyway, I've been more or less land-locked here in my recliner, drinking my Shake0ff's, chewing my Chew0ff's, drinking my Drink0ff, drinking my coffee and hobbling to the bathroom "a lot." :-) Yesterday, I decided to weigh myself, just for grins, knowing I probably haven't lost anything and thought most likely I've probably gained weight with my inactivity. I actually lost 4 pounds! You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when something good happens to you, well, multiply that by about 10 times and that's how I felt. CTFO is really onto something here! Anyway, I just wanted to pass that information onto you, hope you enjoy CTFO as much as I do."

- Wes B.

"Super7 amazed me beyond any expectations. I haven't caught any of the illnesses going around, and I have no more discomfort after my long days. It smells and tastes amazing - I love it!"

- Steve S.

"Nine women from my work decided to do a weight loss challenge. They asked me to join, and tempted me with the prize money of $1,000. Since I had just gotten engaged a few weeks prior (yay for me!), I figured I should join the challenge to lose weight and win the money for my wedding. We were allowed to lose weight any way we knew how. That's when I decided Chew the Fat Off was going to be my secret weapon. Well, at the end of the 8 weeks I was the biggest loser, which made me the biggest winner! I lost 23 pounds which was 11.7% of my body weight. Chew the Fat Off was instrumental in my success. Every weekend I would have a cheat meal where I ate whatever I wanted. My exercise consisted of about ten minutes of walking per day. I plan on continuing my new healthy lifestyle, and with the help of CTFO I am hopeful of losing my last twenty pounds. Bathing suit shopping here I come!"

- April F.

"Super7 is so delicious, I eat it everyday like candy but instead of being bad for me, it's good for me and it makes me feel great!"

- Gayle N.

"I've been in this industry for almost 20 years and I have never seen anything like the CTFO Business Opportunity. Nothing I've experienced ever had me as excited as I am right now about what CTFO is doing. Where else can you earn 20% commissions without ever having to purchase a thing? And where else can you earn life changing, high 6-figure residual income by just giving out samples and fully qualifying with only 3 personally enrolled people? Nowhere! That's why CTFO and especially its copyrighted pay plan are like nothing else!"

- Michael K.

We invite you to share your success story with us! Send us an email with your story and photos to support@chewthefatoff.com.