Message From The Founder

A Message From CTFO Founder, Stuart Finger

Who doesn’t like to share good news with others? It’s natural to talk about things that matter to you with people in your life. Well, if you’ve ever “chewed the fat” about weight loss, we’ve got something for you. Now you can literally Chew The Fat Off!

Speaking as one overweight person to any others who may be reading this, I want you to know, you’re not alone. I have struggled with my weight all my life; since I was 7 years old I’ve been “the fat guy”. I’ve tried everything; diets, pills, life plans, everything! You name it, I’ve tried it. Sometimes, when I really commit and dedicate my efforts, I can actually lose some weight. But if it isn’t easy, and if I’m not able to continue doing it without feeling like I’m not being “me”, then even if I do lose weight, I can never keep it off because I always fall back into my old habits, gaining back whatever I lost and often even more.

That’s why for the past 12 years, I’ve been researching and testing everything possible to come up with something that will work not just for me, but for everyone who wants and needs it. I’ve discovered a lot and all of it has lead up to this.

Welcome to Chew The Fat Off!

What I learned over the years is that I (we) have to feel satisfied with whatever we eat. If we’re hungry, feeling like we’re depriving ourselves of the foods we crave, then staying on any kind of plan just isn’t realistic. Suffering is not sustainable. So what we need is something that not only fills us up and keeps us energized, but also really tastes good and satisfies both our hunger and cravings. That’s why the CTFO products are not only highly nutritious, energizing and effective in satisfying our hunger, they really are delicious. You end up craving them, instead of chocolate cake or French fries.

The other thing I’ve learned is that we really do have to feed our bodies on a regular basis, never going more than a few hours without eating something (except when we sleep). Let me explain why this is so crucial. When we don’t eat for long periods of time (like all day because we’re trying to lose weight) and then we do eat a big meal (because we’ve been so good about not eating all day) our bodies react as if we’re starving and need to retain as much fat as possible for survival. This is actually how they train those huge Sumo wrestlers; they starve them all day long and then feed them huge meals late at night so their bodies will retain all the fat. Many of us have been Sumo wrestlers in training without even knowing it.

By eating small amounts of food regularly, every 2-3 hours, we keep our metabolisms active and our bodies don’t go into “starvation mode”; so they release the excess fat much more readily. The key is to make sure that what we’re eating throughout the day is healthy, low calorie nutrition, and that’s exactly what you get with CTFO.

Although we all know that exercise is an important part of losing weight, the fact is that 80% of weight loss comes down to consuming fewer calories. It’s just a matter of math. If we can take in fewer calories and burn more calories, we can lose weight. The CTFO products are designed to make both of these results a simple and sustainable reality for you, just like it has been for me.

After only 8 weeks of applying the CTFO program to my life long problem, I’m down to the lowest weight I’ve been in years. I’ve lost more than 30 pounds and I’m down more than 4 notches on my belt. I lost over 10% of my body fat and I feel great! For the first time in my life, I know I’m experiencing something that isn’t just a temporary fix.

One of my favorite aspects of the CTFO program is that it’s better than free because of the money you save on the meals you replace. If you’re like me, taking the time to prepare a healthy meal isn’t always an option and an average meal costs about $5 to $9 whether it’s healthy or not. The CTFO Shake0ff meal replacement shakes cost less than $3 each, take minutes to make, and are fully nutritious. That’s more than $100 per month you can save. It’s like getting paid to lose weight and gain time! Also, because CTFO comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, there’s absolutely no risk.

If you’ve experienced anything like what I have in life, or even if you just want to lose a few extra pounds and inches that won’t seem to go away by themselves, I strongly urge you to try Chew The Fat Off and find out for yourself how a few short weeks really can change your life; just like it has mine.

I look forward to hearing your success story soon and sharing in the celebration of a new you!